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We Provide Plastic and Metal Solutions

Plastic & Metal Solution

Mold fabrication is one of the trusted manufacturing solution providers and plays an Essential Part in the success of a wide range of companies, which rely on our service, strength and stability. We have built our reputation over the past quarter century by delivering excellent service to every customer and every project – every time. In brief, we deliver what we undertake.
Types of services we offered:


Mold Fabrication

Mold fabrication delivers world-class manufacturing processes featuring the latest technology, Offering the most recent innovation & technologies, CNC Equipment, EDM machine and state-of-the-art programming, for example, Pro-E & Cimatron, we can handle any design and analysis prerequisites within exceptional techno-commercial time frame.

Also, our expert designing & engineering group is committed to offer the best setup, for example, runner, door and cooling system keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the item's productivity and quality.

Beside this we also deal with:
• Family Mold
• Hot Runner Application
• Insert Mold
• Multi-Cavity Mold
• Over Mold


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Plastic Molding

We take pride in being committed to our customers and are agile with the ability to make strategic customer collaborating decisions on innovative plastic molding projects. We offer customers full-service plastic molding manufacturing solutions that includes:

• Rotational Molding
• Injection Molding
• Blow Molding
• Compression Molding

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Prototype Making

We provides multi-faceted prototyping services, including stereo lithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), high-speed CNC machining and professional prototype model making. By applying the latest digital technology in prototyping services, we include:

• Reaction Injection Molding
• Rapid Prototyping Service
• Rapid Tooling Manufacturing
• Product Design Service
• Vacuum Casting
• Foreigner Products of RP/RT/RE Promotion
• Product Scanning service

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Investment Casting

Mold fabrication offers expert advice as well as attentive service in the production and utilization of investment castings as part of its fully integrated product development and rapid manufacturing services.

Investment castings are well suited for both long and short runs, and are typically advocated for applications in which fine detail, design entanglement and accuracy are required like:

• Castings of industrial Values, Fittings, Pumps, Flowmeter
• Propellers, Impellers, Marine, Engine, Weapons Parts
• Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Furnace, Thermocouple Parts
• Machinery, Building, Computer Parts, Housing


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Design and Engineer

At mold fabrication, we know that early participation is the key to success - from product development, to program management and design, to validation through manufacturing.

To ensure you of the highest level of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness for all of your projects, we assigned a dedicated Program Manager to each project.

Engineering Expertise
• Component Design
• Mechanical Fit and Function
• Material Selection


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