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Plastic Molding

We take pride in being committed to our customers and are agile with the ability to make strategic customer collaborating decisions on innovative plastic molding projects. We offer customers full-service plastic molding manufacturing solutions.

Click here to view Plastic Molding Parts (Download PDF) pdf

We offer customers full-service plastic molding manufacturing solutions that includes:

  1. Rotational Molding
  2. Injection Molding
  3. Blow Molding
  4. Compression Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers

Huada technology is one of the leading companies that are manufacturing a wide array of parts from the process of plastic molding. All the products are made up of high quality raw material bought from a reliable vendor, which are extremely efficient and offer long lasting services as well. We are using advanced technology of machinery, which are manufacturing different types of plastic components, involving the process plastic molding.
We are manufacturing the components by using different process of plastic molding:

Rotational molding - we are using this technique for producing hollow plastic items at very low pressure to no pressure at all using a bi-axial rotation system. The plastic products that we made from this process are come in a wide variety from pillars for the mining industry, storage tanks, pipe coupling, mining pump pontoons, fuel tanks and drainage systems. Even childcare seats and activity toys are also manufacturing by us through rotational molding.

Injection molding – we use this process in manufacturing the fabrication of plastic parts. We use advanced injection molding machine and high quality of plastic and mold during the process and manufacturing a wide variety of products, which vary greatly in their size, complexity and application. The products we manufacturing from this process are stock line of custom caps, universal and standard plugs, fasteners, glides, caster sockets, stem bumpers and specialty parts.

Blow molding – we use this process in manufacturing hollow plastic parts by inflating a heated plastic tube until it fills a mold and forms the desired shape. We use advanced machinery and high quality of thermoplastic in the form of small pellets or granules while the process of manufacturing the products. A wide variety of products are made from the blow molding which are plastic, hollow , thin walled and available in different shapes and size. Parts made from the process are bottles and containers of water, Liquid soap, shampoo, motor oil, plastic drums, tubs and storage tanks etc.

Compression molding – we use this process in manufacturing mass products of plastic and composite parts because this process is extremely efficient. The raw materials we use in the compression molding are high quality and the machinery used during the process for manufacturing the products is advanced technology. Products made from this process are car parts and household appliances as well as clothing fasteners such as buckles and buttons. In FRP composites, this process also manufactures body and vehicle armor.