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Reaction Injection Molding

Plastic & Metal Solution

Mold Decoration

HUADA is the leading provider of heavy-duty plastic and composite panels and now we moving to our new product of reaction injection molding, which can used in variety of industries. This process of molding provides more design freedom to the designers and it is effectively produce more complex parts than other molding methods. Our products of RIM are useful in several places like industrial equipments, for agriculture and in vehicles because we use the high quality of material to produces body and interior panels with an outstanding strength to weight ratio. Our RIM products are of best in quality because it is manufacturing by the expertise.

We provide very large exterior body pieces as well as small interior components. We can assist you with designing and manufacturing all your custom molding needs with our in house engineering and design teams and injection mold shop. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices with right professional and right services to make your project success. We are specializes in short as well as long-term transfer projects.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide value added services truly catered specific customer needs. Our quality system is tested from four stages for dedication to providing consistent premium quality products and services.



In Mold Decoration

Plastic & Metal Solution

HUADA also provides In Mold decoration technology, which is often used in many electronics items, automotive as well as in instruments etc. It is based on the injection molding process to maintain stability of the shape, size of products. In this process, we use high quality of film, Resin and Ink, which will provide best quality of mechanical properties and good adhesion between film and resin substrate. IMD provides many design flexibility and productivity advantage compare to other decoration methods done after molding. These benefits includes design flexibility  from which customers can able to express their personalities and one can easily manufacture products with radically different looks.

Through this, one can get the combination of multiple effects, textures as well as multiple colors in a single operation, which is show when complete part comes out of the mold. If you want, any factor to change there is no need to re tool or resin color just change the film and you can change the appearance or texture dramatically. Our services will provide long lasting graphics in films through IMD. Through our IMD process, you can remove the adhesive and provide lower system costs in many applications. It can help to reduced inventory with capability to stock only one color of resin.



In Mold Labeling

Plastic & Metal Solution

HUADA also providing In mold labeling technology as new products to you, which will open new way for you in the labeling process, this can be use for all types of injection- molding, Blow- molding and thermoformed plastic containers or parts. Through our IML, process allows you to fuse in- mold labels to plastic in single step when molding your plastic containers or parts. From this, you can lastingly protect your brad image with durable plastic properties that resist the elements. At HUADA, you will find the art of producing and printing high quality in mold labels at very competitive prices.

Our IML technology will provides many benefits and qualities such as waterproof, permanent and transparent molded labels, which help you to meets the demands of the various markets. This type of technology is commonly use in producing household and cosmetic products, paint containers etc. Through the process you can improve your brand at points of sale by applies to various molded plastic parts designed.
IML process provides ideal solution and open a wide door for creativity for the custom projects. Here one can find the better solution for their products and make them high quality in the market with the help of professional and skilled workers in HUADA.




Plastic & Metal Solution

Specially HuaDa have set up the Insert/Over molding dept and have 5 double color injection machines which from 100-500 tons. our molded parts cover a wide range of industries world wide,

such as: Sound and Multimedia, Telecommunication, Electronic, Mobile Equipment, Power Tools Airline Cutleries, Kitchenware, Sporting Equipment, Toiletries

Our machines are suited for both rotational and index plate turning double injection molds, covering a wider range of product designs.


Click here to view our Overmolding product (Download PDF) pdf