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Mold Fabrication

Commercial Mold fabrication delivers world-class manufacturing processes featuring the latest technology, Offering the most recent innovation & technologies, CNC Equipment, EDM machine and state-of-the-art programming, for example, Pro-E & Cimatron, we can handle any design and analysis prerequisites within exceptional techno-commercial time frame.

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Commercial Mold Fabrication

Mold Fabrication offer quickest commercial mold fabrication through our unique high speed and providing best quality of products from the process of mold fabrication. We have team of expert, which are using latest technology to get the best results during the process.

• Family mold – We use high quality of family mold to the process family molding and produce parts in a set at the same time, individually or in groupings. In this process, we use advanced machinery and premium quality of mold to produces a set of various shaped components that are molded at the same time and manufactured from the same material.

• Hot runner application – By using our hot runner system, we ensure the successful design and manufacture of a mold because it contains comprehensive detail relating to plate design and critical dimensions. Although hot runner system are a key component of the multi cavity injection mold. In this system, we provide mechanical actuation, heating technology and precision manufacturing, require of detailed analysis of gating styles, resin, cavity geometry, and molder expectations to make a successful application.

• Insert mold – We have many years of experience as a plastic insert molder and using advanced machinery and high quality of molds in the process of insert mold and manufacturing products like medical devices and instruments such as needle hubs and tube valves, knobs for appliances, Encapsulated electronic devices, military equipment, Threaded fasteners, encapsulated bushings, tubes, studs etc.

• Multi cavity mold – This type of molds are particularly economical in mass production of high quality components. We are focusing on development of high quality of multi cavity mold components, high output quantities with a maximum of availability therefore we guaranteed for exchangeability of all components make from Huada multi cavity molds, which is suitable for worldwide application.

• Over mold – When it comes to overmolding, Huada is a leading industry. With our expert and professional team capabilities, along with our expertise of injection molding we are able to overcome nearly with any overmolding challenge. We provide high quality of molds and advanced machinery during the process and make high quality of component for medical, aerospace, military/ tactical, electronic and an automotives.

• Multi material/ two shot – We have extensive experience in designing and building high quality molds for multi shot and two shot injection molded plastic for a wide range of application. By using this technology, we are able to provide new and wider range of design and you get integrated functionality, multiple colors and material, molded graphics and soft touch layers over rigid components you want.